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“The practical exercises we did at the workshop were really enlightening, especially one using reins and a bit.” 
N Wright, Bolton.

“It was a really useful session that helped me identify habits I was unaware of.  I really enjoyed it.”
T Barrick, Bolton

“Bringing awareness to my breathing has helped me to cope with stressful situations even after the workshop.  I apply the techniques and they work!” Jo, Farnworth
“ I remembered to use the Centered Riding principles Ann Marie showed us when my horse spooked in the school; it really helped me stay in control and stay calm.”  T Barrick
“Ann Marie gave good explanations and we had fun learning too!” 
V, Blackrod

BHS Qualified Professional Riding Instruction

With Ann Marie Ingram, Riding Instructor you will benefit from a carefully developed, professional process of riding instruction, drawing on many years experience in teaching and riding. As a BHS qualified instructor I focus on the relationship between each horse and rider and the successful creation of a deep bond.

I offer a full rider training programme from beginners to experienced riders in all disciplines including pleasure riders.  I offer one off private/semi-private lessons, and workshops for groups. Individual riding instruction is invaluable for the most progressive results, as horse and rider build up trust, suppleness and fitness together.  However, if you wish to get a feel for Centered Riding a group session is a fun and cost effective alternative. I will travel to your location, reducing hassle and cost for you.

Centered Riding Teaching Method - Improved Riding Technique

Centered Riding, is a system of teaching which uses centering, body awareness and imagery.  Building a clear, sensitive communication between you and your horse is a fundamental part of my teaching philosophy. First introduced by Sally Swift in the 1980's, Centered Riding puts the emphasis on balance, co-ordination and body control in the horse/rider relationship. 

Using your awareness of tensions, relaxation, breathing and posture one can effectively influence the horse without causing it confusion or distress. Centered Riding encourages the rider to use mind pictures and imagery to help produce the desired result without force or undue effort.  This is because the mind influences the body’s reactions very subtly, so images are surprisingly effective.

Centered Riding is a process I use in conjunction with my BHS teaching qualification to improve riding technique and so results.

Riding Instruction Taster Sessions

I offer taster sessions for small groups or individuals, where you can experience exercises which demonstrate some of the principles of Centered Riding. This is an unmounted workshop so that the new ideas can be considered and absorbed without the distraction of riding a horse.  This can be followed up with more unmounted or mounted sessions as required. 

I will come to your location to see you and your horse as a partnership. Centered Riding can be incorporated at any time during your riding career, from the first lesson or even after 30 years or more of experience.

Four Basics of Centered Riding

There are four main aspects to successful Centered Riding:-

  • Soft Eyes - Encouraging physical and visual awareness, improved peripheral vision and 'feel'.
  • Breathing - Use of the diaphragm and correct breathing, allowing better posture, energy and relaxation.
  • Building Blocks - Aligning of the rider’s body to improve balance, straightness and ease of movement.
  • Centering - Finding and using the center of balance, control and movement located deep within the body. This gives a quiet strength, power and harmony, as in oriental martial arts philosophy.

To book a Centred Riding Taster Session or to learn more please
call me on 07527 230 014.