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“The practical exercises we did at the workshop were really enlightening, especially one using reins and a bit.” 
N Wright, Bolton.

“It was a really useful session that helped me identify habits I was unaware of.  I really enjoyed it.”
T Barrick, Bolton

“Bringing awareness to my breathing has helped me to cope with stressful situations even after the workshop.  I apply the techniques and they work!” Jo, Farnworth
“ I remembered to use the Centered Riding principles Ann Marie showed us when my horse spooked in the school; it really helped me stay in control and stay calm.”  T Barrick
“Ann Marie gave good explanations and we had fun learning too!” 
V, Blackrod

British Horse Society Instructor Bolton

I’ve always been attracted to horses, riding, handling and watching.
I remember watching show jumping late into the night with my grandparents when I was small. Harvey Smith & David Broome were my heroes and I used to set up a jumping course in the garden with my friends and we’d ride our imaginary horses around it.

Even when small I wanted to be a British Horse Society Instructor, and remember sitting in bed holding the syllabus for the BHS exams and dreaming what it would be like. With no money available for horses in the family, I went for the odd lesson that I could afford from pocket money and went to train for my BHSAI later in life. 

Horse Riding School BHSAI Exams

As time went on I’d bought my own horse and had been regularly having lessons at riding schools and passed some of my Stages exams. The higher ones needed more riding time and tuition than I could get part time and with my own horse.  Up to this point my job had been supporting my hobby but I realised that to get what I wanted I’d have to give up the job and do the hobby full time. 

So I looked around for somewhere excellent to train.  My trainer at the time, Janice Pickup, told me she’d trained with Islay Auty who had also trained Margaret Linington-Payne. Islay no longer had a yard where I could train so I decided to go to The Mounts near Cleobury Mortimer, which was owned and run by Margaret. When I arrived there I knew it was the place I’d been looking for and was very impressed with Margaret and her team.

Riding Club, Horse Trials & Dressage

My horse went with me to The Mounts and after a year I had finished my BHSAI and obtained invaluable experience. Thanks to Margaret’s tuition my confidence had grown, I was competing in horse trials and Dressage with my horse, Honey, and loving it. I won the Championship for Equitation at Ribble Valley Riding club and my high point was being presented with the trophy at Blackburn Rovers FC by Pippa Funnell, just after she came back from the Olympics. 

I then took up Instructor and Stable Manager positions at several equestrian centres around the country, building my knowledge, experience and understanding of horses and their riders. I became increasingly interested in how horses and humans interact with each other, and began taking mental notes and developing my own ideas. Being a groom for the Greater Manchester Police Mounted Unit brought new experiences and observations. During my time there I studied part time for my Intermediate Stable Managers Certificate and passed the exam.

Alexander Technique, Centered Riding, Train & Ride Horses

Before going full time with my BHSAI, I took courses in riding with the Alexander Technique and Centered Riding. I went for a 4 day open Centered Riding clinic using a loaned horse then a year later I had my own horse Honey and took her up to the Borders for another 4 day Centered Riding clinic which was again taught by Huntley Hashagen. What I learned on those weekends has been useful ever since, giving me a basis of support that’s invaluable, and has led me to my current interest and passion - to train & ride horses without force or violence (either physical or emotional) so that they enjoy working with me.

British Horse Society Teaching Methods

Having been immersed in the BHS teaching methods for around 15 or more years I’d got a solid basis and began to search out other ways of achieving a more fulfilling relationship for myself and the horse during our riding sessions.  After all it must seem ridiculous to the horse – riding around in circles in an enclosed arena or field. I was looking for the horse to perform because he found it easy and enjoyable, so his natural expression would show through.

To do this I felt I had to be as invisible as possible on his back, using as little pressure as possible and allowing the horse to learn at his own speed. Too often we are so focussed on the end result that we fail to see or appreciate the journey and the learning opportunities along the way, and the opportunity to build a relationship with the horse.  Now, quite often I find myself smiling while I ride as I notice nuances in the horse’s way of going and attitude that I’d failed to see when focussing on the end result rather than the learning process.  Sometimes you can even ‘see’ a horse working out what you’re asking of him, and that’s a pleasure to me.

Centered Riding Registered Instructor

I’d learned from Monty Roberts, Parelli and Natural Horsemanship; then Centered Riding came back into my life through an acquaintance telling me about the Instructors course that was available. 

Having done the open clinics all those years ago I was able to sign on to the training to become an Instructor in March 2011 and was registered in June 2011.  The course Instructor was Nelleke Dean, a great inspiration herself.