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“The practical exercises we did at the workshop were really enlightening, especially one using reins and a bit.” 
N Wright, Bolton.

“It was a really useful session that helped me identify habits I was unaware of.  I really enjoyed it.”
T Barrick, Bolton

“Bringing awareness to my breathing has helped me to cope with stressful situations even after the workshop.  I apply the techniques and they work!” Jo, Farnworth
“ I remembered to use the Centered Riding principles Ann Marie showed us when my horse spooked in the school; it really helped me stay in control and stay calm.”  T Barrick
“Ann Marie gave good explanations and we had fun learning too!” 
V, Blackrod

Horse Riding Instruction, Horse & Rider Training 

Welcome to the website of Ann Marie, Horse Riding Instructor with over 15 years of experience.  Here you will find the very best in horse and rider training, to promote confidence and enjoyment. Ann Marie has experience and expert knowledge in training and working with horses and their riders.

She has taught privately, as well as in riding schools which gives her wide experience of dealing with various situations as a horse riding instructor. Her approach is to be patient; observing and understanding the individual partnership (horse & human) before bringing improvements that are achievable and sustainable now, and that can be developed effectively for continued improvement long term.

Registered BHS Horse Riding Instructor

Ann Marie has ridden classically trained horses from Pen Llyn stud; these horses are superbly trained and exceptionally responsive. She is currently training with Francois Lemaire de Ruffieu when he’s in the UK. He was classically trained at the Cadre Noir and was a very close friend of Sally Swift, the founder of Centered Riding.

His teaching promotes a calm approach and follows a logical training path which prepares the horse progressively for high school movements. The end result is a horse which is happier, more capable, more expressive and less prone to injury when it performs at very high dressage levels. Any horse can follow this path, but we must accept that some horses will take longer than others; consistency is key.

Centred Riding - Higher Levels of Training Attained

The benefits of Centred Riding include a more enjoyable riding experience for both parties. Riding is, after all supposed to be a pleasure, as opposed to hard work! 

Horses can suffer fewer instances of lameness if the training is progressive as it allows muscles to strengthen and develop correctly. Using Centered Riding principles the rider becomes more balanced and co-ordinated, has better posture and movement which helps the horse move freely; rather than the rider being harder for the horse to carry, he/she is a pleasure for the horse to carry.

Horses ridden this way are more engaged and interested, and so less likely to be tense and unpredictable. Also, because the aids are applied sensitively and consistently, there is no confusion for the horse as there may be with an un-coordinated rider using aids inadvertently or inconsistently.   

It is easier to achieve higher levels of training by increasing your awareness of how you affect the horse and vice versa. A deeper relationship is developed with your horse, allowing for more consistent results in competition.

Centered Riding & Improved Posture

Centered Riding promotes good posture and movement, so you have fewer postural problems generally and experience better riding with less effort, developing the correct muscles for the job. Sally Swift’s physiological problems were greatly helped by Centered Riding which is testament to its usefulness and effectiveness.

Ann Marie teaches freelance in the North West of England and runs workshops to promote the principles of Centered Riding to all interested equestrians. She is a registered BHSAI and BHS IntSM, & Level 1 Centred Riding Instructor and has taught at horse riding schools across the UK.

Ann Marie believes it’s crucial to remember that each horse and each human is individual, so each needs a tailored approach which suits them.

Please call her now on 07527 230 014 to arrange a consultation on how she can help you become an accomplished, proficient, successful rider.